Friday 20 April 2012

Notice of presumed consent for sharing of achievement

Presumed Consent for Facebook, Youtube and Website:
At Broadford we are very keen to share with you what your children are doing in school. On some occasions you can come and do this in person eg Sharing assemblies; but much of what happens in school may not be seen by you. Furthermore many parents/carers work and are not able to attend these events. It is our intention to use the technology we have available to let you have a much better view of what the children are doing, share in their achievements and support their learning at home. The feedback about our Facebook page and how we publicize what the children are doing has been overwhelmingly positive and a great motivator for the children. Consequently we are looking to develop this further during the Summer term:
  •  Pupil blogging team
  • Shared Google calendar showing key events
  • Youtube video channel for school clips
  • Additional photographs of activities through website and Facebook
We will not use a child’s photograph/video in conjunction with their full name. If you had previously restricted consent for photographs we will contact you directly to see if this is still your position – which we of course will respect.

In all other cases we will presume consent to use your child’s image responsibly so that we are able to share with you what happens in school: clips of sharing assemblies, videos from club activities, photographs from school trips. We want our children to be celebrated by the largest audience possible. If you have a question about this then please come in and ask, or see me on the gate in the mornings. Broadford is leading the way in the use of social networking: Hacton, Pyrgo, Hilldene and Brookside are all looking to develop their use based on what we are doing here.

The presumed consent would commence from the 30th April 2012.

In line with these changes we will be amending our school acceptable use policies. These will then be distributed to you via the newsletter, website, blog and Facebook page.

We are very excited about the possibilities for celebrating the work of our pupils - your children - and giving them the biggest stage possible on which to show us what they can do!

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