Thursday 19 April 2012

Kitchen Gets 5 Star Hygiene Rating!

Congratulations to our team of cooks, who have just been awarded the highest possible hygiene rating in their recent inspection.
Although she has only been with us since January, Mandy is now very much one of the Broadford family. Working together with her team they have produced delicious lunches, great themed days and a very clean kitchen.

At Broadford we aim to be the best on the hill, and now we have the cleanest kitchen to go with it.
Food Safety Act 1990
Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006
Regulation (EC) No.852/2004

Broadford J M & I School, Broadford Primary School, Faringdon Avenue, Romford, RM3 8JS

I refer to my inspection of the above premises on 20 March 2012 at which  was/were present.

 I am pleased to inform you that the standards of hygiene and labelling found during my inspection were excellent and fully compliant with food law.  Measures to control food safety and food standards were in place and properly implemented monitored and verified.

 Havering is transferring to the national food hygiene rating scheme.  Your rating will be 5 as shown below. Your door sticker and certificate will be sent to you in due course when we officially launch the scheme which is planned to be in May of this year. Once we launch the scheme your rating will be displayed on this website
Your food business is in the top 20% of food businesses in the country that have been rated for compliance with food law, and I would like to congratulate you on achieving this level of food law compliance.

We will still be using a mirror site linked to the FSA site where you can upload photos and menus to the page on the website where your rating will also be published  you will need to request an account which will be authenticated by this department for security purposes.

Yours faithfully

Marie-Claire Irvine
Environmental Health Officer



Operators shall not place on the market unsafe food or feed


Operators are responsible for the safety of the food and feed which they

produce, transport, store or sell


Operators shall be able to rapidly identify any supplier or consignee


Operators shall immediately inform the competent authorities if they have a

reason to believe that their food or feed is not safe


Operators shall immediately withdraw food or feed from the market if they

have a reason to believe that it is not safe


Operators shall identify and regularly review the critical points in their

processes and ensure that controls are applied at these points


Operators shall co-operate with the competent authorities in actions taken to

reduce risks
These obligations derive from the EU food safety legislation.
For further information, see

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