Saturday 21 April 2012

Learning At Home: David's Project on the Tower

If only the Tower of London had been constructed from cardboard and plastic bottles, Sir Thomas More may have been able to escape! During the holidays David (in Maple) extended his work on the project at home. With a furrowed brow he set about reconstructing the Tower of London. Below are his simple instructions of how he put the home learning project together:

4 (750g) cornflake boxes, clear cellotape, 20 (500ml) pet bottles, 40 inch TV cardboard box, 4 toothpicks, polystyrene packaging and stapler.

How long:
3 weeks 1 week for planning, 1 week to get the materials and 1 week to make.

I just wanted to turn my hobby into fun activity.

How I made it:
I cut both A4 pieces of cardboard in half, then stuck them together with the side of the box to make inner wall. I then repeated previous step to make the wall longer for the outer wall. Then I measured both walls on 4 bottles each leaving space at the bottom of each bottle to use as house.
Next, I stapled where I stuck the walls together to make them more firm. Then I cut out the full size of my platform which is the full size of the outer wall on the 40 inch TV cardboard box, stuck both inner and outer wall on it. I then repeated the wall method to make my white tower only making it a lot smaller and found a bottle to use as bell tower.
I made one circle for each house out of polystyrene and stuck it inside each house. Then I made a tiny replica of a head out of polystyrene then added three toothpicks to three sides. The houses and head were stuck together whilst making a 7cm by 7cm square from polystyrene for execution hill.
Finally, I used one toothpick to separate head from execution hill. 

David with his carefully constructed replica Tower of London

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