Thursday 26 April 2012

Performing Arts Club Get Dramatic

This week, the attendees at Performing Arts Club, led by Miss McGuinness, Miss Rutherford and Miss Reynolds, were given scenarios from famous fairy tales or nursery rhymes and given alternative scenarios.

The poor Wolf (played by Patrycja) from The Three Little Pigs was no longer big and bad, as he had lost his huff and puff. Snow White (played by Bobbi) had her work cut out for her when the Seven Dwarfs came down with a nasty case of chicken pox, and Humpty Dumpty (played by Connor) had a modern day twist with a gangster personality and a sudden new found sense of balance.

The children all performed to one another and are brushing up on their acting skills in preparation for another outstanding performance later on in the Summer.

Watch this space!

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