Friday, 3 June 2016

Book Club Visit Theatre

This week our budding book club readers have been up to London to see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

After six weeks of studying the text and learning about the characters, it was their chance to go and see the book bought to life on the West End Stage.

I couldn't believe the Oompa Loompas... they were hilarious. Their little legs and songs were just like I thought they would be. My favourite part was when Violet Beauregarde blew up into a giant purple disco ball.
Lillie Mersh

What is Book Club?
Miss Sparkes works with a small group of pupils to study a text in more detail. They look at the plot, themes, characters, settings and author in much more detail than you could normally do in class. The sessions are every week, for a term.

What is the impact?
Our pupils who have taken part benefit in a number of ways:
85% have never seen a West End show before going through Book Club
100% strongly agree that they have a much better understanding of the story then they would have had
82% go onto read at least two other books by that author
100% strongly agree that it has helped them see reading as a good choice for leisure time

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