Monday, 13 June 2016

London Knowledge Quiz

This week our Y5 pupils took part in the 2016 London Knowledge Quiz.

Why take part?
We believe that our pupils should have extensive knowledge of the capital city in which they live. We believe that our pupils deserve a rich cultural diet, alongside their maths and literacy lessons. From Roman times to the present day, from the sewers to skyscrapers, the London Knowledge Quiz provides a true test of their knowledge of London!

How does it work?
The London Knowledge Quiz offers primary and secondary school pupils across London the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of their city’s history, geography and culture as they compete with schools across the capital to win the Mayor’s Award for London Knowledge.

The quiz is a fun, engaging way for the whole school to get involved in learning about London, bringing to life their curriculum by exploring how it connects to the city they live in.

What will happen?
The first round takes place online and in school. If we qualify for the next round then we have a chance to go and compete at the Museum of London.

I have loved doing the research. I never knew there was a park for London heroes!
Kaine Painter

Who knew there were so many bridges and they are all so different. I learnt that Waterloo Bridge is a Grade 2 listed structure and is a memorial to the Prussian War.
Natalie Towner

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