Friday, 10 June 2016

Tracker Awards:

Amelia Hynes, Sophia Houlston, Tommy Cressey, Elliott Cottam, Olivia Bundy have completed their bronze tracker. Charlie Cooper, John Olatunji & Isabelle Curtis Rich  are at the end of the Silver tracker.

Bobby Peek, Plamen Vasilev, Oliwia Bartnik have earned their Golden bookmark. Lacey Wall has collected her Gold certificate.

Well done to Yemi Adedipe, Brooke Atkinson, Courtney Simpson, Tia Himyuandi & Kiera Parmenter who have earned their Platinum Certificate.

Alfie Donnelly,Ebony Ngenge, Jack Peppitt & Ijeoma Ezeogu have completed their Diamond tracker.

Emily Johnson, Sam Murcia & Ella Mae Wall have their Prestige Bronze award. Jack Eve has his Prestige Diamond!

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