Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Y5 Random Acts of Kindness

We believe that it is important for our pupils to receive a Spiritual entitlement through our curriculum. This is delivered in a variety of ways across KS2:

  • Year 3 - spiritual walk around the locality
  • Year 4 - perform in a place of worship
  • Year 5 - visit the community for Random Acts of Kindness
  • Year 6 - reflect on the legacy of their time at Broadford
In May we had been working with the pupils who have led the #wearekind project for Free the Children. It was our chance to go out and do little acts of kindness for people: give out flowers, hand out sweets, smile and say hello.
Brooke Borland

Our pupils have been discussing how an act of kindness has three key repercussions:
  1. The person carrying out the act benefits from being kind
  2. The recipient feels happier and is likely to carry out an act of kindness
  3. Someone witnessing the act feels inspired to do something similar
It felt really good to be helping people. I couldn't believe how much they smiled and said thank you. It made me feel really fuzzy and warm inside
Megan Mae Burnett

Thank you to Rev Rich who helped to lead the teams in the community.

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