Thursday, 9 June 2016

End of Day Arrangements

Dear Parents,

It is very exciting to see that the builders/demolition team are now on site and beginning to erect the scaffolding that precedes the end of the old building.

However it does mean that the arrangements for collection at the end of day will change as of tonight!

ALL parents/carers will need to come to the main gate, at the top of the hill by the pelican crossing, to gain access to the playground.

  1. Come down the path to the doors on the right hand side (where KS1 & EYFS enter the building in the morning)
  2. Go down the wooden ramp into the EYFS outdoor area to access the playground
  3. Collect your children from class
  4. Exit the playground by entering the new building by the Year 1 sandpit
  5. Walk through the corridor and exit by Mr Drakes's office (the entrance used by KS2 in the morning)
This system will be in place for the next year as we have the demolition work completed followed by the construction of the new building.

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