Sunday, 12 June 2016

Star Writers:

Jameel Ore, Jessica Simpson, Thelma Amankwah, Chloe Trew, Deborah Oluokun, Tommy Cressey George Hart, Austin Hall, Micayla Smith, Sky Griffiths, Gary Mills, Tia Thakar, Oliver Stay & Cydney Ridley: these children have all produced pieces of outstanding writing this week. Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

A fantastic piece of writing on how to attack a castle
Oliver Stay

A brilliant recount of the Olympic Park visit that incorporated all of your goals
Tia Takhar

Gary write a descriptive narrative about Pandora’s Box and used sophisticated vocabulary with a variety of sentence openers to hook the reader… well done
Gary Mills

Micayla wrote a fantastic newspaper report about an ancient treasure box that was found at Broadford Primary
Micayla Smith

For a brilliant recount that used paragraphs well to separate out the key information
Thelma Amankwah

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