Sunday, 30 October 2016

Could you design the TfL 2016 Christmas card?

Transport for London's annual Christmas card competition has begun! We would like as many Broadford pupils as possible to design a Christmas card. The winning card, selected from thousands of entries, will be made into physical and digital greeting cards and sent out to select TfL customers in December. The winner will also receive an exclusive prize!

Entry forms will be given to pupils on Monday and they should be completed and returned to Miss Chau (Redwood class) no later than Tuesday 1st November. The JTAs will then select their favourite Broadford entries which will be sent off to TfL. 

The brief: How can Father Christmas and Perry the Penguin travel sustainably around London over the Christmas period? How might Perry complete his Christmas shopping? How would Father Christmas deliver presents if his sleigh breaks down? Think about different ways we can travel sustainably: by foot, bicycle, scooter, bus, train, cable car, boat, rollerskates. 

Here are some ideas to give you some inspiration! 


  1. cool...but do we have to included those three things to our design?

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