Saturday, 29 October 2016

James Rizzi Artwork

Have you heard of James Rizzi?

James Rizzi is an artist who studied Fine Arts at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. He came up with the idea of 3D multiples now mostly associated with his name when, having taken classes in painting, printmaking and sculpturing, he had to hand in grade work for all three subjects, but only had time for doing one. So he created an etching, printed it twice, handcolored it, and mounted parts of the one print on top of the other, using wire as a means of adding depth. Having received good grades from all three teachers, he stuck with the idea and developed it further.

Art Club
Our pupils have had great fun exploring his styles and ideas. Having researched a range of his images and techniques the children chose which they would like to develop. Over the course of 6 weeks they worked on their own piece of art - these are now displayed in the corridor.

I loved the way the colours and eyes lifted the face off the page. It was such a strong image.

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