Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Tracker Awards

These children have been working hard and achieving academic success and therefore have earned themselves the following rewards.  
Bronze - Moyin Ayodola, Kanishka Chintala,
Silver pencil -  Joshua Nwaokolo
Silver certificate - Paige McGeoghan, Aroosh, Harry Hann, Gavin Butler and Kabey Stevens.
Golden bookmark - Evie Cottam, Zac Nickson, Indie Sales, Adam Abubakr, Dorrie Lewis, Leanne Royer, Summer-Rose Trew, Deborah Oluokun and Jack Dempsey.
Golden certificate - Fayo Ayodola, Ketty Omwanghe and Joe Green.  
Platinum pencil and pen set - Jessica Butler, Kara Middleton and Amandeep Ubhi.
Platinum certificate- Ayomide Otegbola
Star - Olivia Wheal and Finley Livingstone.


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