Saturday, 29 October 2016

Inter School Quiz Championships

Congratulations to the following pupils for their stunning performance at the Science competition this week: Sienna Nickson, Jacob Owsley, Arhaan Kaushal and Teni Adu.

What is the Quiz Club?
Quiz Club is a unique and exciting approach to motivating, inspiring, encouraging and rewarding children in their quest for knowledge and providing them with the opportunity to celebrate their achievements as part of a high profile, national competition.

More than 400,000 children take part in the Championships annually, making them the largest inter-school competitions in the UK!

Why take part?
We believe that the Championships reinforce team work, boost confidence, encourage strategic thinking and light the fire for knowledge.

There are two national championships; The National Keystage 2 General Knowledge Championship, The National Years 5 & 6 Science Championship. Look out for updates about the General Knowledge event which takes place later this academic year.

We had to revise a lot in school to prepare for the test. The questions were really challenging and I learnt a lot. Now I know all about the periodic table!

I didn't realise that you had to learn about equations for reactions. 

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