Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Reading Awards

These children have been reading so much and so many books, they have earned themselves a Bronze reading award;

Katrina Weaver, Archie Patrick-Stuart, Kaitlyn Smethurst, Charlie Ilott, Leah Joyce, Gracee- May Coble, Ethan Himuyandi, Adrian M M Arduino, Ife Ogochukwu-ijehor, Elliott Cottam, Kyla Millar, Joshua Nwaokolo, Archie Baker, Madalina Luca, Ruby Welch, Adam Riaz, Freddie Little, Noah Vumuka, Malachi Wright, Kaley Watson, Grace Horne, Kanishka Chintala and Brooke Romeril.

Ethan Carruth has read 25 books receiving his bookmark.

Ellie Jo Stapleton is now a free reader.

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