Saturday, 29 October 2016

Dubuffet Artwork

The artist Dubuffet was launched to success with a series of exhibitions that sparked enormous scandal. While the public - after the war - looked for a redemptive art and a restoration of old values, Dubuffet confronted them with childlike images with coarse textures and drab colors.

The emphasis on texture and materiality in Dubuffet's paintings might be read as an insistence on the real. In the aftermath of the war, it represented an appeal to acknowledge humanity's failings and begin again from the ground - literally the soil - up.

Art Club
In their Art Club the pupils - with the guidance of Mrs Caccavale - explored his art work and different styles. 

The children particularly liked the way he approached portraits. His style was very simple and they found it extremely accessible. Using simple lines allowed them to create a great deal of texture in the pictures.
Mrs Caccavale

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