Wednesday 15 April 2020

10. It's Quiz Time! ANIMALS

Quiz teams ready?!  Here are the answers to Tuesday's WORLD quiz.

1)   Canberra           
2)   France           
3)   Spain             
4)   Italy              
5)   A Boot        
6)   Disneyland Paris     
7)   Brazil    
8)   Athens                
9)   Greenland          
10) 53 (54 including transcontinental Egypt)

True or False?
False (The area is 4 times bigger)

True or False?
False (There would be 50 dogs altogether including the original dog)

True or False?

Today's quiz is all about Animals.

1)   What is a female swan called?    
2)   What colour is a giraffe's tongue?   
3)   What is a vixen?   
4)   What is a beaver's home called?   
5)   What is a herbivore? 
6)   Can fish close their eyes?     
7)   What is a baby goat called?      
8)   What is a rhino's horn made from?   
9)   Which animal lays the largest egg?   
10) How many stomachs does a sheep have?

Did You Know?
A slice of the Queen and Prince Philip's wedding cake, dating back to 1947, was sold for £500 in 2015!

True or False?
All the dots/numbers on a pair​ of dice add up to 43

Who Am I?​
I'm a professional sports star.  My brother competes in the same sport as me.  My mum has appeared on Strictly Come Dancing.

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