Tuesday 7 April 2020

5: It's Quiz Time! UNITED KINGDOM

Good morning everyone.  Here are the answers to Monday's GENERAL KNOWLEDGE quiz.

1)   The White House        
2)   Tuba        
3)   Italy        
4)   Mount Kilimanjaro       
5)   Palm Trees      
6)   R       
7)   52      
8)   Julius Caesar          
9)   Sicily        
10) Lighter - Hot air rises​

Can You Guess?

Who Am I?
David Walliams 

Today's quiz is all about the United Kingdom

1)  In what year were the Olympic Games first held in London?   
2)   Where did Prince William and Kate Middleton get married in 2011?   
3)   What is the most common street name in the UK?   
4)   In which county is Stonehenge located?  
5)   Who is the current head of state in the UK?
6)   Where was Shakespeare born?  
7)   What is the second largest city in the UK?   
8)   In which country in the UK would you find Loch Ness?  
9)   How many wives did Henry VIII have?   
10) How many female prime ministers has the UK had? 

Investigate this mathematical puzzle with members of your family.  Is it TRUE or FALSE?​
Ask them to think of a number
Now ask them to double it
Now ask them to add 5
Now ask them to add 12
Now ask them to take away 3
Now ask them to halve the number
Now ask them to take away the number they first thought of
The answer is always 7

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