Monday, 6 April 2020


Good morning everyone.  Here are the answers to Friday's ART and LITERATURE quiz.

1)   Goldilocks     
2)   Eeyore     
3)   Pinocchio     
4)   Baloo     
5)   A Troll      
6)   Leonardo da Vinci    
7)   Robin Hood     
8)   The Grinch       
9)   Humpty Dumpty      
10) Getafix  ​
11) Lions
12) Aslan
13) Merlin
14) Neil Gaiman
15) The Globe

Today's quiz is mixed General Knowledge

1)   Where does the president of the United States of America live?
2)   What is the largest brass instrument in an orchestra?
3)   Which country does Parmesan cheese come from?
4)   What is the highest mountain in Africa?
5)   What do dates grow on?
6)   On a standard computer keyboard, what letter is located between E and T?
7)   How many cards are there in a pack of cards, not including jokers?
8)   Who was the leader of the Romans when they invaded Britain in AD43?
9)   What is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea?
10) Is hot air lighter or heavier than cold air?

Did You Know?
Lego was first invented in 1932.  Its name is taken from the Danish phrase 'leg godt' which means 'play well'.

Can You Guess?
​We talk a lot about the planet Mars, but what about the others in our solar system?  Can you name the fifth planet from the sun?

Who Am I?
I like making people laugh.  I have been on the judging panel of a popular TV talent show.  I've written my own children's books about a granny?

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