Friday 3 April 2020

⭐⭐Round up of Week 2

Dear all,

We are all doing our bit and it is making a difference.

Our world has changed incredibly in the last few weeks but despite the upheaval and change, there are reasons to believe we can emerge from this crisis better.

Parents, children and teachers have developed a wider view of what learning is, it not just being the formal absorption of facts but also the learning of new skills.  It has been wonderful to see the creative, culinary and imaginative things you have been up to at home.

Another positive that might emerge from this crisis is a surge in kindness. In the UK, more than 700,000 volunteers stepped forward to help the NHS, and the nation showed its appreciation to NHS workers by applauding from front doors, windows and balconies.  Such shows of kindness is often considered to be a short-lived but imagine if this kindness, gratitude and appreciation is here to stay...

Thank you all for all that you are doing for your children, for your patience with online platforms and the well wishes you send to the staff who are working at school during this time.

Summary of resources shared this week

Age Range
NatureMaddie and GregAll
StoryAmazon AudibleAll
MathsThe Maths FactorY1 - Y6
STEMScience from HomeNursery +
NewspaperFirst NewsY3+

Easter Holidays
Teachers will not be setting academic work over the Easter Holidays, however we will be setting some whole school challenges so keep your eyes peeled!

Sending you all, children and parents alike, best wishes.

Broadford Primary School

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