Thursday, 16 April 2020

11. It's Quiz time! SCIENCE

Good morning, quizzers!  Here are the answers to Wednesday's ANIMALS quiz.

1)   Pen         
2)   Black/Blue            
3)   Female Fox               
4)   Dam                
5)   An animal that feeds on plants          
6)   No, they don't have eyelids        
7)   Kid 
8)   Hair             
9)   Ostrich        
10) 4

True or False?
False (they add to 42)

Who Am I?
Andy Murray

Today's quiz is all about Science.

1)   What is the main element found in the air we breathe?   
2)   What is the name of a person who studies the weather?   
3)   Does ice sink or float in water?   
4)   What are the 5 human senses?   
5)   Which two parts of the body continue to grow for your entire life?   
6)   Where is the smallest bone in your body?   
7)   How many moons does the planet Mars have?   
8)   Can you name these moons?   
9)   Which dwarf planet shares the same name as a famous Disney dog?   
10) What 'C' is a prickly plant that grows in the desert? 

True or False?
Jane calculated that in one and a half minutes there are 70 seconds.

True or False?
June had to catch a train at 1430 hours.  The time now is 0800 hours.  Peter said June had six and a half hours to wait.

True or False?​
If 263 is made 10 times smaller, the answer would be 2.63

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