Tuesday 14 April 2020

9. It's Quiz Time! THE WORLD

Good morning.  I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.

Here are the answers to the EASTER quiz:
1)   Lent
2)   1875
3)   Hop
4)   California, USA
5)   In the Pacific Ocean (a territory of Chile, South America)
6)   Hot Cross Buns and Fish
The anagrams:
10) EGGS
11) HUNT
Logical puzzle 1:
Long Ears - Red - 1st place
Jumper - Yellow - 2nd place
Mrs Littlenose - Blue - 3rd place
Mr Hop - Green - 4th place
Logical puzzle 2:
Mrs Littlenose - Green - Gold Coins - 1st place
Jumper - Red - Chocolate Candy - 2nd place
Mr Hop - Blue - Marshmallows - 3rd place
Long Ears - Yellow - Jelly Beans - 4th place

Now for today's quiz, which is all about The World.

1)   What city is the capital of Australia?
2)   'Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite' (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) is the motto of which country?
3)   Which country's currency was the Peseta before the Euro was introduced?
4)   Which country's flag represents hope, faith and charity, with their colours green, white and red?
5)   On the world map, the country of Italy looks like which item of clothing?
6)   What is the most visited place in Europe?
7)   What is the biggest country in South America?
8)   40% of the Greek population live in its capital.  What is the city called?
9)   What is the biggest island in the world?
10) How many countries are there in Africa?

True or False?
Draw any size square.  Now double the length of its sides.  Its area will be doubled.

True or False?
My dog had 7 puppies.  The next year each of these puppies had 6 puppies.  If I kept them all, I would have 49 dogs altogether.

True or False?
Katie is one of a line of girls.  There are five girls on her right and seven girls on her left.  There are 13 girls in the line.​

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