Wednesday, 22 April 2020


Good morning everyone.  Here are the answers to Tuesday's SPORT quiz.

1)   One under par               
2)   15        
3)   Black and white chequered                  
4)   America              
5)   Gold                
6)   180             
7)   Dance workout to music   
8)   3             
9)   Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black       
10) The Queen

True or False?

True of False?
False (it is one fifth of an hour)

True of False?

Today's quiz is a General Knowledge quiz.

1)   How many hours are there in seven days?       
2)   What colour do you get if you mix blue and yellow together?   
3)   In which American city is the Statue of Liberty located?       
4)   How do you say 'hello' in French?   
5)   How many years are there in a century?    
6)   Which continent is India in?   
7)   Which is the largest Scandinavian country?   
8)   Which two colours make up the flag of Spain?     
9)   What country is the River Thames in?     
10) Which company produced the ipod? 

True or False?
When you change 8357 seconds to hours, minutes and seconds, your answer is 2 hours, 19 minutes and 16 seconds.

True or False?
The difference between half of 366 and a quarter of 500 is 56

True or False?​​​
£2.73, £2.54, £2.37, £2.36, £2.63 - You can add two of these amounts of money together to equal £5.00


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