Monday 9 November 2020

TT Rockstars - Rock Out 2020!

As part of our commitment to making maths exciting and raising its profile in our school, this week we will be taking part in a competition for Maths Week England. It’s called Rock Out 2020 and it’s all done online via TT Rockstars

For every correct answer to a multiplication or division question, your child will earn their class a point. The Times Tables Rock Stars platform will calculate the class average (the number of correct answers per pupil in the class who plays during the competition hours). Winning classes in the school and in the country as a whole will be the ones with the highest average.

All game modes (Gig, Garage, Studio, etc.) will count but only from games played between 7.30am and 7.30pm on Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th, Friday 13th and Saturday 14th.   

The winning class in the school will be rewarded, along with top scorers across the school. Children's regular battles will still be going ahead and all coins earned for them will count towards Rock Out 2020.

All children should have their Rockstar logins, but please ask your class teacher if they have lost theirs. 

Good luck and remember to keep ROCKin'!

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