Friday, 1 November 2013

Anti Bullying Procedures

Feedback from pupils and parents in our recent surveys show that the overwhelming feeling is that behaviour at our school is good.

94% of parents agree that pupils are well behaved. 98% of parents say their child feels safe. This is because at Broadford Primary we have a clear Anti Bullying Policy and Behaviour Policy, which all pupils are aware of. In the main hall there is a clear display that explains our expectations for the pupils. In the KS2 corridor we have an additional display that highlights the key values for the pupils to follow at all times:

  1. Turn up on time, every day
  2. Do your best in all your lessons
  3. Be kind and polite to everyone you meet
To help support this approach we have a number of strategies. 
  • Regular assemblies help to ensure that the values and expectations are explained to the pupils in a way they can understand and relate to
  • Staff consistently remind pupils of the values when praising the children or having to correct behaviour
  • There is a pupil worry box in the library - checked regularly - where pupils can post any concerns.
  • Regular class council and circle time gives pupils a forum to discuss issues
  • Miss Taylor acts as the central point of contact for any behaviour or bullying concerns so that patterns of behaviour are picked up
  • Staff are very visible around the building, at the start of the day, during break times, in the canteen at lunch and on the playground so that pupils can speak to senior staff directly
  • The House system is used to promote and reward good behaviour, politeness and positive learning attitudes
  • Staff act as effective models in the way that they speak with pupils and colleagues
All pupils are also issued with an Anti Bullying  contract which they read in class and sign with their teacher.
Every year we promote Anti Bullying week - this year we will be giving out Anti Bullying wrist bands to pupils and featuring it in assemblies
E Safety is very prominent around the building. Every device and screen has a message for pupils explaining how they should behave when using the internet or mobile devices. 

This year the School Council worked with Miss Taylor on a presentation about E Safety, which they then delivered to their classmates. It was also turned into a simple display in the main corridor, so that the message was reiterated. 

If parents have any questions about Anti Bullying procedures, please come in and see us, or talk to us on the gate before school.

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