Thursday, 7 November 2013

Cookery Club Visit Toby Carvery

Miss Morris is leading a project this year to help pupils get a much better understanding of how what we learn in school can really help us get a job in the future. This week our cookery club pupils had the chance to visit a real life restaurant in Brentwood. Organised by Mr Borrell - one of our parent Governors - the trip allowed the children to see what happens behind the scenes. First the children had to design their own chef hats… no budding cook can enter a kitchen without one!

The pupils then got to speak to the different members of the team and look at the roles they perform. Greeting customers, dealing with complaints, taking orders and clearing the tables: these were just some of the duties that the front of house team have to do. Maths is important as you have to be able to work the tills, get the right change and perform quick mental calculations to make sure you haven't seated too many people at once.

In the kitchen they learnt about the importance of timing, don't let the main course be ready before the starter. Ensure that all the dishes are ready to go together. Have you ordered enough stock?

In another fun activity, the children had to do a taste test to see how good their knowledge was of all the ingredients that go into a Carvery meal. After all their hard work the children then got a slap up meal… with giant Yorkshire puddings. DELICIOUS!

The visit was another great was for the pupils to see how the skills they are learning in school can help them get a job in the future. Hopefully some of our cooking club members will go onto achieve great things!

Next week we have the police coming in to talk to the children about how you get a job with them and the skills and qualifications required. Then we have a trip to the local hair dressing college. It is all very exciting to see the learning coming to life.

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