Friday, 22 November 2013

Black History Month Display

Last month we celebrated Black History month, looking at the life and work of a number of significant people.

"I think that Harriet Tubman must have been very brave. To be an old lady and have a reward on your head must have been terrifying... but she never gave up!" Joseph Bowden

Each class chose a significant figure and then spent the month learning about their achievements. One of the most popular was Lonnie Johnson, the man who invented the Super Soaker water pistol. He has created all kinds of wonderful gadgets to develop space exploration and renewable energy... but his water pistol really caught their imagination.

"I'd love to try and drive like Lewis Hamilton. It must be so exciting to shoot round the track at 200mph!" Alin Botonog

Each class then shared their learning in assembly, children showed pictures, produced powerpoints and put together some short pieces of drama to reenact significant moments. It was a really interesting topic that the children thoroughly enjoyed.

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