Monday, 25 July 2016

Broadford's Got Talent 2016

Congratulations to Temira Hascar who has won the Broadford's Got Talent event for 2016. Her singing act - performing a Michael Jackson hit - was the stand out performance amongst a very talented crowd.

We believe that our pupils have an array of talents and interests that should be celebrated - it shouldn't just be a focus on their English and Maths. We also believe in giving the pupils autonomy and the change to organise their own events, so that they can demonstrate and apply their leadership skills. Katherine and Melisa were great hosts who helped top organise the proceedings and ensure the whole event ran smoothly.

In order to take part, pupils had to audition in front of a panel. Sadly it wasn't possible to include everyone, but we have no doubt that they will be next year. Those who were able to make the final then had to perform infront of the whole school and a panel of judges.

Once all the acts had performed there was then the very difficult task of having to choose the winner.

This year it was really tough to decide on a winner. The dancing, singing and musical instrument recitals were of a very high quality. However Temira's act had the edge as she gave a very emotional rendition of the song.
Mr Steve 'Walliams' Portway

We would also like to thank our Chair of Governors - Chris Kent - who donated some wonderful prizes for our winners from John Lewis.

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