Monday, 25 July 2016

Country Dancing 2016

On July 6th we enjoyed a very successful evening of Country Dancing at Pyrgo Priory. The vast majority of schools from the Harold Hill area were able to take part, which created a wonderful community atmosphere. Attended by the Mayor, the annual event was enjoyed by all.

We had to practise the dances at school. I was very nervous in front of the big crowd, but my partner helped me
Conor Holloway

Each of the schools (Mead, Broadford, Pyrgo, Brookside, Drapers Maylands) performed a routine, before all of the adults were invited to join the floor for a group dance.

As ever this was a very successful event which bought all of our schools together to celebrate a great British tradition. Thank you to Pyrgo Priory for doing the organising and being such great hosts.
Mr Drakes - Head

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