Friday, 8 July 2016

Learning Power

These skills are taught explicitly by our staff so that pupils understand more clearly how there everyday life in school is helping them prepare for a career. 

Below are our pupils who have demonstrated Reflectiveness or Resourcefulness over the last week: Elizabeth Ositelu, Coral Wilkinson, Saffron Egan, Isaac Stevens, Alisha March, Elina Joshi and Charis Jones.

We had struggled to find suitable music to use for our Romeo and Juliet production. I came up with an idea to use YouTube to create a playlist of the tracks that Miss Reynolds wanted to use. We were then able to play the sound through the school's Bluetooth speakers. 
Isaac Stevens

Earlier in the year I performed the Tempest on stage at the Queen's Theatre. We were given advice on how we could speak more clearly and use our bodies to show how we were feeling. This experience meant I have been able to reflect on our rehearsals and help the actors improve.
Saffron Egan

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