Monday, 11 July 2016

Federation Board Parents' Meeting

We had a very positive Federation meeting for parents on July 4th. Parents from both schools meet at Mead to discuss how they are feeling about the recent changes, meet the new Governing Board, ask questions about the new arrangements and hear what changes are already planned for both schools.

What benefits will my children see?
Working as two schools means that we can offer much wider curriculum opportunities. Mead pupils have already benefitted from author days at Broadford and a writer's workshop. Broadford pupils have benefitted from the chance to attend a careers fair. Now that the Federation is confirmed, our teachers have already met to plan regular collaboration for next year and a whole range of joint activities.

Will Broadford pupils have to move to Mead if there isn't enough space?
Both schools remain separate entities and admissions are governed by Havering. Pupils do not need to be housed at different sites - both schools have ample space to look after their own pupils. If parents wanted to move between the two schools they would have to use the standard procedure with the Borough.

Who will be in charge at each school?
Each school will have its own Head of School, while there will be one Executive Headteacher in place over both schools. For an interim period these posts will be filled by:
Mr Drakes (Executive Head)
Mrs Smith (Mead Head of School)
Mrs Nicholls (Broadford Head of School)

What is different about the Governing Body?
There is now one Governing Board that has oversight across both schools. Previously here were two Governing bodies who acted independently

Why will a Federation improve our schools?
There will be a clear vision for the two schools focused on how we can use high quality education to ensure that pupils' backgrounds don't impact on future achievement. Teachers will benefit from collaborative working and sharing best practice. Pupils will have a wider community in which to work and play. Financially the two schools will be able to get much better pricing and deals on purchases.

Will the new Federation raise standards?
It is our intention to ensure that both schools have outstanding results. This year both schools have exceeded national achievements by over 25%!

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