Thursday, 21 July 2016

KS1 Classmate of the Year Awards 2016

Our End of Year awards are to recognise pupils who have shown our desired learning attributes not just for a week, not even a month... but for a whole year! By seething such consistently high standards they have made great personal progress and been a role model for other pupils.

The Classmate of the Year award is probably the most special of all the awards as it is chosen by the pupils themselves. Every class spends some reflection time thinking about which classmate has best demonstrated the school values:
  • Who has turned up on time every day?
  • Who has consistently done their best in every lesson of every day of every week?
  • Which pupil has always shown kindness and politeness to others and been a god friend?
  • Who has shown resilience when there have been problems or difficulties?
  • Which member of the class has worked well in pairs of in a group?
  • Who has been resourceful when faced with problems and always has an idea to use?
  • Which classmate is able to reflect on their learning and think of ways to improve?
The pupils then vote for the classmate they believe best fits the above criteria... and this year the winners were:
Aimee-Leigh, Tiggy, Riley, Andreea, Leah and Sydney! 


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