Monday, 25 July 2016

Year 6 Legacy Evening

Our Year 6 legacy evening is a chance for three things
  1. To celebrate the achievements of the pupils during their time at Broadford
  2. To reflect on the lessons they have learnt while pupils at the school
  3. To think about where they are aiming for: what career, what book to read, what qualifications to achieve
When the pupils completed their time at Primary school they will have been in one place - or in one Phase of their education - for eight years. This is longer than they will spend at any other stage of their education - 45% of the Year group have spent this entire eight year time span at Broadford. Secondary school is only for five years, Sixth form college is two, University is just 3... Mr Drakes's longest job has been for five. Therefore it is a perfect time to stop and reflect on how much they have all grown and developed during the Primary years.

At first it is a time where you are defined by what you can't do: Nursery pupils often can't read, they struggle to care for themselves and sharing is a challenge. After eight years they are defined by what they can do: tackle problems, work as a team, read confidently and infer meaning, use a range of technology and surpass National standards!

All of our pupils have had significant successes to celebrate - and the evening was a great way to showcase their different achievements. We have had accomplished cyclists, artists, musicians, mathematicians, star writers, dancers, singers and excellent sportsmen. 

With this confidence and bedrock of positive experiences the challenge will be to aim high and carry on that achievement. But aiming has risks. Because GCSEs are five years away the danger is to put off reading that book, or to delay in completing your homework. The challenge is to realise that the future starts now. If you are to spring forward from Broadford and go onto put a dent in the universe, the time to act is now! What are you doing now, this minute to be a better pupil, a better person a better brother/sister? If our pupils can focus on the now and improve 1% at a time then it is far more likely they will achieve those aspirational goals.

What have they learnt? We hope that in reflection there will be three important things they remember from their time at Broadford...
  1. Turn up on time every day
  2. Do your best... always
  3. Be kind and polite to everyone you meet
If our Year 6 graduates this year can remember these 3 lessons then they will go on to great things!

Well done to our class of 2016. We are very proud of what you have achieved and know that you will go on to put a Broadford sized dent in the universe!

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