Friday, 8 July 2016

Reading Awards:

Samira Rahman, Samanyu Handoo, Libby Northwood, Finley Livingstone, Ella Nash, Alisha March, Tia Himuyandi, Teni Adu & Elina Joshi have become  Free Readers!

Fayo Ayodola, Zara Satti, Charlie Tyrell, Lilly Anne Poderin, Jolene Frimpong, Alfie Clark, & Frankie Ford are all onto 25 books and collect their bookmark.

Gracee May Coble, Fayo Ayodola & Arya Shah have all earned their £5 voucher for getting to 50 books. Tinuade Owolabi has read 75 books!

Ruben Roberts & Alisha March have collected their Gold Trophy.

Elina Joshi and Teni Adu have both reached Platinum reader status by completing the equivalent of 150 books.

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