Thursday, 7 July 2016

Final Day of Term: Friday 15th July

 7 July 2016

Final Day of Term – Friday July 15th 

Dear Parents & Carers

Following consultation with the construction firm Duct Clean and the Local Authority the Governors have made the decision that the final day of term will be Friday 15th July.

We apologise for the short notice and inability to respond sooner to the large number of parental requests for a confirmation of the date. The Governors do not want to close the school unnecessarily, and were wary of the issues that happened last year when the building work never took place.

This year the works are clearly underway, and the demolition will be completed during the summer holidays. Governors have taken advice that bad weather (wind or rain) could possibly delay progress during the break. By closing on the 15th July, Duct Clean will have an extra five days to make progress with the removal of asbestos materials without any pupils being on site.

The Local Authority, Duct Clean and Governors agree that the extra time the closure affords means that there should not be any impact on the return to school date which is Wednesday 7th September.

The Governors would me to thank you on their behalf for your patience and understanding and to wish you a pleasant and restful summer holiday.

Yours faithfully

Mr M Drakes

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