Monday, 25 July 2016

Darrin Disley Visit

We were delighted to have a visit at the end of term from Darrin Disley - local boy turned science entrepreneur! He came to talk to the children about his early school life, how his career developed, what his company does, how they could possibly help in the future and the lessons he has learned from his journey.

Darrin gave a refreshingly honest and frank account of the difficulties and barriers he has had to overcome in order to get to where he is today. For our pupils to hear that it is possible to control your own destiny and that it is never to late to grab an opportunity was a really improtant message.
Mr Drakes - Headteacher

The pupils heard all about how Darrin had to show great resilience as many of his first companies collapsed. It was at his fifth attempt that he managed to get a company off the ground, by which time many others would have given up.

Darrin talked at length about the pioneering work he is doing with his Horizon Discovery company and the use of Big Bata to help solve some very challenging problems.

What were Darrin's top tips?
  • Find something you enjoy and do it well
  • Find a resilience that enables you to focus and my take on everyone else's worries. Everyone is under external pressures and you have to succeed despite themselves
  • Everyone will have an opportunity for success - recognise and take it! You must have the confidence to my just have the dream but to make it a reality. 
  • Don't tie yourself up with material goods. Use your salary to create space for yourself so that you can act on your dreams
  • Don't establish a family without thought. Is it the right time, can you afford it, how will it impact your education.
100% of the pupils said that they had a much better understanding of how science can help them have a career.
100% of those involved said that they now understood why science is such an important subject for developing the future

I really enjoyed the talk from Darrin. He has managed to come from a single parent background. If he can make it, then I can as well.

I hadn't realised all of the problems that come with people living longer. There isn't any point living until you are 150 if you are going to be in poor health. It sounds like there is lots to be done.
Lewis Makolli

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