Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Reminder: KS1 Olympic & Famous People Homework Project

Following the letter that was given out to the children earlier in the term, we would like to remind you that in Key Stage 1 (Years 1&2) we have asked the pupils to choose from the topic of the ‘Olympics’ or ‘Famous People’, for their project. The children are free to be as creative as they wish.
The finished project should be handed in by the 1st June 2012.
It is expected that the children should spend approximately 45 minutes on their project each week. A prize will be awarded to the best project.
Ideas for the Olympics project:
  • Design your own medal.
  • Design a laurel wreath.
  • Design an Olympic Torch.
  • Find out about the different flags for the different countries.
  • Create a fact file of an athlete who will appear at the Olympics. 
  • Find out the route the Olympic Torch will travel around Britain.
  • Investigate why there are five Olympic rings.
  • Find out about the history of the Olympics.
Ideas for the Famous People project:Create a collage of pictures.
Create something that is associated with the famous person e.g. paint pictures in the style of a famous painter.
Write about why the person is famous.
Create a fact file of the famous person.
Make a top trumps card shwoing off their best skills

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