Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sports Update

Yesterday our Year 6 children competed in a tournament at Drapers Academy. In the warm May sunshine they played very well, winning two games and losing one. As a result they managed to finish second out of the four teams and earn a Silver medal. Well done boys!

 Taylor McKatherine, Alex Babaianu, Josh Ellis, Colby Hoadley, Myles Aygeman, Tobi Mogaji, Nicolas Bahati and Jamie Groom were the boys who made up the squad. A big thank you to Mr Hardy at Drapers who put the event on.

 Jamie Groom is representing his club at the Nationals this Sunday. Competing in the Junior section, he will hope to replicate the amazing scoring feat he achieved on Wednesday. With a stunning 7 strikes in a row… YES 7, he managed a score of 265. Once you take his handicap into account that amounts to an incredible 297 points. A perfect score is just 300. Well done Jamie.

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