Monday 9 February 2015

Fact Hunters: Kangaroos, walruses & orcas

Jamel Ore
Walrus tusks, which are found on both males and females, can extend to about three feet (one meter), and are, in fact, large canine teeth, which grow throughout their lives

Matthew Leadbitter
Did you know that in one leap red kangaroos can jump 3m high and 7.6m long?

Emma Groom
Amazingly flamingoes are monogamous birds that only lay a single egg each year. If the egg is lost or damaged they do not normally lay a replacement.

Jude Gore
Orcas feed on fish, squid, birds, and marine mammals. Like dolphins, orcas use echolocation - bouncing sound off of objects to determine their location - to hunt and use a series of high-pitched clicks to stun prey.

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