Monday 2 February 2015

Pentomino Puzzles

This week the Maths Champions were introduced to pentominoes! These 12 shapes are all based on five squares. If you manipulate them carefully you can fit them together to make a whole range of shapes.

We had to work together to place the pieces on the grid. At first we didn't think they would all fit. However we used the hint sheet and helped each other to get them in the right place!
Omar Ashour

The time went really quickly. Because we were so focused on completing all the puzzles in the time, we didn't notice it was time to pack up.
Tyler Westbrook

The children have now covered a range of skills and techniques:

  1. Caesar ciphers to encode messages
  2. Pentomino puzzles
  3. Mastermind games
  4. Tangram challenges
  5. 24 game
Now we are going to practise our skills with all these elements to further improve.

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