Thursday 5 February 2015

We Are Silent - Thursday 5th February, 2015


Around the world, there are those whose voices are not heard. They are the girls who are denied an education because of gender inequality, school fees or the need to stay home and care for younger siblings. They are the child labourers or the children growing up in poverty. They are the students who are bullied at your school.
Every one of them has a voice that needs to be heard. We have taken a silent stand so their voices can be heard.

During our silent time today we thought about what we would change about the world if we had the chance to.
Here are our thoughts ... 

Make sure all children had a good school to attend and a good education.

Find a cure for life threatening diseases such as Cancer, Malaria and HIV.

Ensure that the people who run the countries of the world do so with integrity.

Make sure that everyone had equal and human rights.

Put an end to war and the killing of innocent people.

To make sure people are correctly punished for the crimes they commit.

All humans must treat each other with respect and kindness.

Make sure that everyone treats the planet kindly and preserves the earth's resources.

End world hunger and make sure that everyone who lives on this planet has access to clean water to drink and fresh food to eat. 


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