Thursday 19 February 2015

Weekly Winners: MDA, Presentation & Housepoints

MDA Award Winners:
These wonderful children have been particularly helpful at lunchtimes this week.
EYFS & KS1 Maliat Bakreen KS2 Brandon Brown

Certificate of Presentation:
Vittorio Omwanghe, Kaden Nicol, Denayo Meggoe, & Deborah Mushonga have both produced work that is of high quality this week. They have demonstrated real pride in their handwriting and presentation… well done to both of you!

Red - Faringdon 51
Blue - Chatteris 43
Yellow - Dulverton 52
Green - Cricklade 43
Orange - Dudley 49

Congratulations to Green (Cricklade) who have won the half term competition for the housepoints. Opening doors, being polite, wearing correct uniform and acting in a kind way: these are all reasons why the Green team has managed to earn so many points. Well done!

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