Wednesday 25 February 2015

Let's Go 20

The newly appointed JTA's have started their jobs and are taking their responsibilities very seriously. Bright and early this morning they were at the main gate to the school giving out information regarding the Go 20 Brake campaign. 
This campaign encourages drivers to slow down to 20 mph or below around homes, schools and shops. If everyone was to drive at 20 mph it would make our streets and communities safer, happier and healthier. 

Did you Know? 

Safer Driving 
At 30 mph, it takes six car lengths to stop, at 20 mph it takes half that. 
Healthier Living
Less fast traffic equals more walking and cycling. Families feel more able to get out and about. 
Happier Communities
Eight in ten people want 20 limits where people live. 
Use Less Fuel
Staying under 20 mph in towns means less speeding up and down. So you use less fuel and pollute less. 
Cost savings
Safer streets mean more people can get about cheaply. Fewer road casualties and healthier living saves the taxpayer money.
No Big Hold Ups 
20 limits don't tend to make journeys longer. There's just less stopping and starting. 


Well done guys, a great start to your job as a JTA. 

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