Friday 13 February 2015

Fact Hunters: Planets, lamps & birds

Brandon Cohen
The Solar System was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago and consists of the Sun, planets, dwarf planets and other astronomical objects bound in its orbit. Amazingly 99.86% of the system’s mass is found in the Sun and the majority of the remaining 0.14% is contained within the solar system’s eight planets.

Tumelo Sibanda
Archaeologists found lamps, pottery jars and other items dated to the 10th century BC, the era according to the Old Testament of King David and his son Solomon, who built the Temple in Jerusalem. Which may mean the story of David & Goliath is true.

Emma Groom
Amazingly flamingoes are monogamous birds that only lay a single egg each year. If the egg is lost or damaged they do not normally lay a replacement.

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