Tuesday 24 February 2015

Junior Travel Ambassadors Old and New!

Today we said a sad farewell to the Junior Travel Ambassadors 2014. They have served the Broadford community very well over the last 12 months. These pupils have demonstrated their ability to represent their school at the JTA’s conference and even won the quiz. They have handled their responsibility very well and have made sure that the children who walk to school receive their badges. Now it is time for them to pass the flag to the new JTA’s. Thank you very much for your hard work Nathan, Georgina, Dylan and Sophie. You have been fantastic. Mrs Keeler, who is the travel co-ordinator for the LEA, presented the children with a lovely souvenir as a thank you for their dedication. 

Congratulations to the newly appointed Junior Travel Ambassador's or JTA's for short.

Katherine Barrett
Kieran Dash
Daniel Joy
Melissa Krasniqi

Their role will include making other children aware of the Walk to school or WoW project. They will also highlight the need for being bright to be seen when travelling on the roads and pavements during the autumn and winter months.

Look out for assemblies, competitions and campaigns coming soon! 

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