Tuesday 24 February 2015

Three Pupils Shortlisted for National Awards!

We received a fantastic letter this week from the University of Birmingham. Before Christmas the children were asked to think of someone special whom they would like to thank. It could be a close relative, someone who cares for them, a professional or someone who they feel has made a difference in their lives or those of others. They were then asked to write a thank you letter to that person explaining their thoughts.

At the time Mrs Hoffman was very impressed with the responses from the pupils and we rewarded children in school. However the letters were also submitted as part of a national competition run by the University of Birmingham. Three of our pupils returned to school yesterday to hear this news...

Dear Ms Verity Hoffman,
Thank you for taking part in the Thank You Letter Awards!
We received a huge number of very impressive and heartfelt thank you letters from students across the UK.  All of the letters we received were entered into the National Thank You Letter Awards and after a lot of discussion, we have shortlisted the following students from your school: 

Chloe Trew
Ellie-Jo Stapleton
Finley Linvingstone

We would like to invite them and you to attend the Thank You Letter Awards Ceremony at University of Birmingham on 10th March 2014 from 11am – 2.00pm.  The event will give everyone the chance to see the Thank You Letters displayed and contribute to a Gratitude Wall.  Lunch will be provided and the winners of the national competition will be announced, with prizes presented by a special guest, to be revealed nearer the time.  A provisional timetable for the event is attached.

We can offer you 3 places for students, and one place for yourself to attend.  The young people attending are also welcome to bring one adult each – this may be their parent or guardian or, if it’s appropriate, one of the people they mentioned in their thank you letter. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Thank You Letter Awards Ceremony!

Best wishes,


Well done to Finley, Ellie Jo and Chloe... we are very proud of you indeed!

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