Wednesday 27 May 2015

Cookery Club - Chow Mein

Chef Mark Borrell - from the Love Food Hate Waste campaign - has been giving Year 5 pupils at Broadford Primary top tips on how to create the perfect chicken chow mein. In Year 5 the pupils have been looking at how they can help themselves and their families live more healthily: exercise, sensible eating and healthy snacks. It was also a chance to further develop cookery skills which they have built up during the school's cookery workshops and family Learn To Cook days.

 To begin with the children watched a demonstration so that they knew what to do with the ingredients. After that the pupils peeled, chopped and sliced their ingredients.

 "I didn't realise that you could make a dish like this so quickly and cheaply. My family would love this - we normally order chow mein from the take away. Now I can make it myself." 
Mervyn Vumuka - aged 10

This year the children have been given their own growing beds to grow vegetables to use in their cooking activities.

 "We have seen a much greater interest in healthy eating over the last couple of years. Holding these cookery workshops, providing the growing beds and allowing pupils to cook with their families in school have all helped to make cooking much more appealing. The chow mein experience is always the most popular one! Every one comes into the hall to ask for a portion once the aroma starts wafting down the corridor!" 
Georgina Reynolds - Year 5&6 Phase Leader

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