Friday 1 May 2015

Fact Hunters: Turtles, astronauts & temperatures

This week we have had a tremendous number of interesting facts being shared by the children. Congratulations to the following children who have amazed us with their ability to hunt out interesting snippets of information:

Yemi Adedipe
At the core of the sun, gravitational attraction produces immense pressure and temperature, which can reach more than 27 million degrees F (15 million degrees C)!

Charlie Ilott
Amazingly static electricity has several uses, also called applications, in the real world. One main use is in printers and photocopiers where static electric charges attract the ink, or toner, to the paper.

Ronnie Marshall
Loggerhead turtles were named for their relatively large heads, which support powerful jaws and enable them to feed on hard-shelled prey, such as whelks and conch.

Daniel Oladipo
Eugene Cernan (the last man on the Moon) etched his daughter Tracy's initials — T D C — into the dust. They’ll be there forever due to the lack of wind!

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