Tuesday 26 May 2015

Quiz Club Winners

We are extremely proud of our Quiz Club team who represented us in the regional qualifiers this year. The children had to compete against 8 other schools. St Ursula's Junior hosted the event, which saw the children test their general knowledge skills.

When we were asked a question, we had to work as a team to sort out the right answer. Lots of us had ideas, but we had to discuss them to see which was the most likely answer. 
Sophie Kaylor

I have been studying the oceans of the world and working out routes: which ocean would you cross on a journey from Southampton to New York. It has been tough to get all the information, but I practised regularly and my mum helped to test me.
Alex Wicher

In order to be selected the children had to come top on the class competition. Our team scored one of the highest totals for a Broadford group... so very well done!

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