Wednesday 6 May 2015

Reading League Winners

On Saturday our Reading League Winners travelled to Upton Park to watch West Ham take on Burnley. This was a reward for the huge points totals that the children have amassed in the last term during Miss Sparkes Spring Reading League. By loaning, reviewing and videoing their responses to books the children have been able to collect points for their teams.

If you are interested in taking part in the Summer challenge, it's never too late! See Miss Sparkes today to sign up and start earning points.

We really encouraged each other to keep our reading going. This term we had lots of teams trying toi beat us to the title so we had to all do our bit. I  made sure that I read every night so that I didn't let may teammates down.
Endurance Obazee

It wasn't easy to keep up the reading every night. I have football practice and other clubs... as well as my homework to do. However I was so keen to win the prize that I made sure I did it!
Hakeem Bakreen

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